A Complexity of Human Needs to Be Met

The Golden Goose of World-Class Engineering

Getting to the Measurables

Is world-class engineering as simple as measuring metrics from the research book Accelerate? I definitely think the evidence shows those measures put many engineers and organizations ahead of the game. (See chart below.)

Can We Measure “World-Classiness” and What Attributes Do World-Class Engineers, Team, and Orgs Have? — Part I

Right before the new year the company I work for made an announcement about a shift in ownership. As my friends and I run through what might change as things move forward I wanted to gain clarity about a particular idiom that has been mentioned.

How might we get down to brass tacks and define what a “world-class engineering organization” is? How might we begin to measure something that, at first glance, is imprecise and qualitative?

What attributes make something world-class?

I want to understand the language of “world-class engineering” on a deeper level.


Last night in my dreams

I heard that which

I've been longing to hear

The Apology.

I heard you speak out

Speak it

Felt it

Saw the credit flow

From your hand

From your mouth

Your breath and mine

For what I did

Have sacrificed

The bonds that were

Built around our very core

My voice, My breath, My energy

I felt the basest bond release

And it felt like heaven

Seeing you again

Seeing the real you

Feeling free again

Speaking to myself

My indigenous self

Gtong Len

A wise and foreign facet

With whom I will travel again

Each morning

I wake

Finding myself


An Illusion

Feeling around

For some


To gently

Cozy up to



To change

To fall back

Into the dreams


I don't believe in soulmates

It's a lot of lot of lies


I used to

Once upon a time

I do believe

In The Dark Knight of The Soul

make love to the world

fall in love with existence

every moment

a sacred prayer

empty and silent

every moment filled

with bubbling laughter



from your lips


i will greet you

at the end

without fear

with love

held close

ringing in

an empty vessel


in fullness

of time

i'll meet you

there now

out beyond

right and wrong

away from the things of man

oh! love

let us

away from the things of man

where all round

the other side

yawns nothing

resting quiet between the roar

the eye inside our sound and light

Yours Truly


Let’s Have a Conversation About It

Trust = Consistency / Time

As I’ve been talking to friends about what goes into World Class Engineering and sitting with some of the implications my mind has been spinning around concepts of trust. I’ve got some ideas and want to explore them.

I think that as humans we struggle with trust in a lot of different ways. We struggle to understand what trust is, how to build it, and what to do about it when it has been broken.

We can break trust with ourselves.

in death

my lovely

my dearest

i will lick

the slit

of your soul


let the soft rain fall

— — -this mourning

and the birds call

— — -from deep within the trees

gliding slowly out

— — -on whispered need

or peeking from beneath

— — -the thorny rose

caught in the quails nest

— — -overgrown with weeds

sitting in the quiet revery

— — -of an empty flower pot


J. D. Carlston

Human hacking the boundaries of experience. Creatrix in the Matrix wending wyrd. Twitter:@jdcarlston, IG:@r0zm4ddr, (they)

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