J. D. Carlston

Jun 17

the sultry sun

rises to tongue the sky

the wind came and blew

the rain came too

rose and fell

lay quiet with

the earth

last evening

this morning

the clouds

passionately cuddle

sun capped snow kissed


the voyeur

watches nearby

steals a view

within a Knowing

like no…



Apr 15

my guru my lover my spiritual friend

i heavent sceent you in so long

you teach me as the wildlands do

in each moment your wisdom

whispers like the wind

as it becomes a part of me

my body is a petri dish

my mind is a fish

slippery quick…



Apr 13

sunrise fizzles a way through the fog

with a side eye turned toward its light

it starts spinning the gray field gold

reflections crunch like leaves off the trees

wandering aimlessly lost deep

in the lands regret tinted reveries

tripping on overhung branches

grappling arms in a crowded room




Feb 22

I love you forever
I mean it when I say it

Whitch each deep and heaving breath
“I love you with each breath”

You Another you
A fevered face. A facet

And with each hit I took
Promises made

don’t go away

Even then you had proved
I can’t be near…



Feb 6

Behind my desire lies a question

My fingers crave your skin...

Or, what it feels like as you pet a purring


Is there a word for the yumminess of touching some… thing?

some… one?

Or two or three? Or more?



J. D. Carlston

J. D. Carlston

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