What doesn’t kill you … creates collective trauma

I heard about the concept of a Witch Wound last night. …

Can We Measure “World-Classiness” and What Attributes Do World-Class Engineers, Team, and Orgs Have? — Part I

Right before the new year the company I work for made an announcement about a shift in ownership. As my friends and I run through what might change as things move forward I wanted to gain clarity about a particular idiom that has been mentioned.

How might…

the zinnia bouquet
screams it’s hue
before the season turns
right before the fall
darkens the light
in their eyes


Being alive means that every moment of every day I receive the gifts of existence. The world is here, dynamic and vibrant, and it’s trying to show me what it’s…

Ride around in a car with a bear growl. View the day with the eyes of a newlywed. Drive like it’s the Millennium Falcon through the Hoth field. Head held up high with song. Dance a few jigs with Fickle and Follie. Play tunes with a band of merry thems…

Make Love

Be Love

Do Love

Make love to the world

Fall in love with existence

Every moment is a sacred prayer

Empty and quiet

Every moment is filled




In the ocean

In the sea

In my heart



In the ocean

In the sea

At the start

I have longed for

I have wanted


white veins of light

sparkle and prism

aquatic echoes

filtered sun

they didn't love me

like I loved them

stretches long

drink that in

gulp it down

expect nothing( l|n)ess

You might refer to me as

Fucking Cunt.

(Fucking Bitch as well — time and time again.)

While other expletives may be added -

for enhanced understanding, mind you,


I see you
I hear you

I appreciate you
I admire you

I am grateful to you
I am thankful for you

I love you
Forever and Always

J. D. Carlston

Human hacking the boundaries of experience. Creatrix in the Matrix making hay wending wyrd. Twitter:@jdcarlston, IG:@r0zm4ddr, (they)

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