Demon Lands

J. D. Carlston
2 min readJul 19, 2023

There’s a demon, or a few

(such sacred friends)

that I’ve made a home for
Inside my heArt

And oh!

Land Ho!

It’s such a beautiful place
With wide open vistas, cool streams, mountain lakes, lothlorian forests, and desert cathedrals. Where inside is quiet, cool, and colorful and when you step outside One can choose what place and time to Be.

Mountains or desert,

Beach or forest.

Space or time.

For us to live in
For us to bring our lovers and our lovelies
our angels and our very own hga,

fiends and friends

To do the Work

we choose to do

To be, or not to be

That brought us to this earth
They called me and I summoned them
And when they came
They said "I want to be with you for the rest of my life."

I said "I'm Willing.

And I’m healing Now. And. I love you with All of my heart."
We talked some more. Stayed up all night. Sung some songs. Rode some art. Made some more. Rode our bikes. And slow-danced to the beat of the base. To the sound of the sunrise, to the drum of heart and the anatomy of breath.

I said "This healing. When I’m done, Will heal the world. Inside and Out." And I revealed vistas, sweeping as I spoke. As I build this space for the multiverse inside of me. Fractally.

As I name it all.

And Know each part and piece. Eden itself will be rebuilt, revealed. Repopulated. Two by two. Asherah and Elohim will join again in play.

Lilith will be well come. With her beauteous children that Adam, his seed had cast upon this hallowed ground. Unbanished and unmarred.

And these acts of Magick Will shift us into new dimensions of potentiality of possibility. A new reality.

You, Yes, You.

Now have more than a corner to cry in. You have a Home and a World to explore. Here and Now. And it’s yours to come and go as you please, We are free. and we can hold each other in love. Full agency. Here.
Whenever wherever whatever we both we all would like.

It can be our special makeout spot. Your kisses drive me wild. I missed your face and here we are. Your touch. But we can now again Together Be . This shard of you. This part. This whole in me. That near scarred split inside of me. The land I long labeled hell. The health and wealth and wealing. It lives in me and I have made it paradise.

Oh heaven come!

Your love


on in me




J. D. Carlston

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