J. D. Carlston
2 min readAug 3, 2023

I hope you know

I hope you know that I still love



And in gnoing

That I care

That I have and will

And so do

And will be





You know I still love you

right? after left? after care?

Like a leaf blown in the wind

One step then another

I hope you’ve figured stuff out.

Enough to be

Hitting me

Up leveling

Healing me

Like a dowse of cold water

An electrifying insight

over the head

Heading me

In a new direction

Head over heels

Heels over head over hell

Held overhead

Over heaven

Like a volcanic stone


By a golden brown black bear

Into the glistening river

Atlas born by the morning son

Crucified within

fire water earth air

with it

J. D. Carlston

Human hacking the boundaries of experience. Mixing Poetry & Engineering. Making hay wending wyrd. Twitter:@jdcarlston, IG:@r0zm4ddr, (they)