Ride around in a car with a bear growl. View the day with the eyes of a newlywed. Drive like it’s the Millennium Falcon through the Hoth field. Head held up high with song. Dance a few jigs with Fickle and Follie. Play tunes with a band of merry thems. Drink with Bacchus and his crazed cohort. Arrive home safe with family after a night out.

Intuition paired with trained awareness leads me where i need to be while exploring the wildlands.

Fill my life with imaginariums between the eyelids. Prove me upon the knife’s edge of this world. Occam never tried so hard.

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J. D. Carlston

Human hacking the boundaries of experience. Creatrix in the Matrix making hay wending wyrd. Twitter:@jdcarlston, IG:@r0zm4ddr, (they)