J. D. Carlston
1 min readApr 7, 2020

The stained glass window of my heart

Was bound with leaded poison

I plumbed the depths and they plumbed me

And now to set it free, my love

And now to set it free.

Did we break what we created?

Will I turn away from you?

Will you become a former?

Will my heart be healed or stay a lump?

Will we rise to the occasion?

Will you find your way and I'll know someday

That you will never kill me?

My children need a model, love

We need a man to look to

We have their dad and I'm so glad,

But you were love to show them.

You were the love to show them.

Can I imagine, now that we know

That you destroyed their picture

With far flung rage and built a cage

Out of the house I gave them

Out of the nest I made

That you are love to show them?




J. D. Carlston

Human hacking the boundaries of experience. Mixing Poetry & Engineering. Making hay wending wyrd. Twitter:@jdcarlston, IG:@r0zm4ddr, (they)