poetry: What does 'I Love You' Mean?

J. D. Carlston
1 min readNov 6, 2021

Many acts of kindness. Of care. Nurturing growth.

With each act do thee we’d.

Sharing, growth, connectedness, desire, security. Flourishing.

A path forward through time.

Being with someone.
To accept someone fully.

Accept and encourage, know someone. To recognize.

To hold through change
To let go…

Trust in not knowing,
Appreciate and choose to be kind with them. To kythe with them.

Present. Patient. Balanced.

It is a choice. A series of choices.

It is a way


from hurt

Ways of life — and a moment.

It is a foundational aspect from which to make decisions
…with compassion
...without obligation or coercion.

It implies an expectation, where there's agreement.

Situations change
Understanding, agreements, must adapt
And change with them.

It is the act of creating win-win situations for people involved.

It is the act of devotion, to mutual benefit, pleasure and joy. Respect and safety.

It is the embracing of experience, of reality and of life.

It does not hurt. It never hurts. If it hurts it is not love. It is something else.

Love chooses. Love acts. Love does.

It is the antithesis of rejection, obligation and judgment. It is the opposite of abuse and neglect.

It is the joy within

living. Of accepting. And the feeling of being alive.

It is an overarching theme, a thought, an act, a moment, a sense.

It is not words.

The act of
Harmonious interaction between people

Quietly standing on the head of a pin




J. D. Carlston

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