What doesn’t kill you … creates collective trauma

I heard about the concept of a Witch Wound last night. It makes a lot of sense that the collective trauma from people (especially women, natives, the neurodiverse, and queer) speaking about subjective, intuitive and spiritual matters would affect so many of us today.

We need to heal that shit. Calling or implying someone is “crazy,” “witch,” or “bitch” with this in mind and you begin to see how much more weight it carries.

Remember the New York white lady in the park with the dog calling the police on the…

Can We Measure “World-Classiness” and What Attributes Do World-Class Engineers, Team, and Orgs Have? — Part I

Right before the new year the company I work for made an announcement about a shift in ownership. As my friends and I run through what might change as things move forward I wanted to gain clarity about a particular idiom that has been mentioned.

How might we get down to brass tacks and define what a “world-class engineering organization” is? How might we begin to measure something that, at first glance, is imprecise and qualitative?

What attributes make something world-class?

I want to understand the language of “world-class engineering” on a deeper level.

I see meaning and understanding as a structure of relational operators in our language and in…

white veins of light

sparkle and prism

aquatic echoes

filtered sun

they didn't love me

like I loved them

stretches long

drink that in

gulp it down

expect nothing( l|n)ess

You might refer to me as

Fucking Cunt.

(Fucking Bitch as well — time and time again.)

While other expletives may be added -

for enhanced understanding, mind you,


I see you
I hear you

I appreciate you
I admire you

I am grateful to you
I am thankful for you

I love you
Forever and Always

Diversity is a Fundamental Attribute of Survival in a Complex System— Not an HR Initiative

Favor Ambitious Collaboration over Competition

Being world-class, ideally, is about striving to actualize within a global community setting. Something “world-class” brings balance and delivers value to large and diverse audiences of people.

Individuals and organizations must ask how they are supporting humankind to reach their goals and help them create a vision in a way that leads to appreciation and growth for all involved. In Part 2 I spoke about how:

Need and Value are intimately linked.

They are two sides of the same coin. Need is what is met when Value is delivered. Value-chain delivery organized around the…

Sea Mother
Sea Mother

Look at me with wonder
Look at me truly long

(Sea Mother)
(My Mother)

With your ocean eyes
What see you Sea Mother?

What do you find in me?

(Sea Mother)

My child
Oh child

In you I find wonder
And awe as deep as can be
Proud of you, my dearest
Hearts Swell
(My child)
My hearts swell with pride
As I watch you walk
You walk through the sea

My arms long to hold you
To hug you
And squeeze you
To keep you close by my side

(My child)
(Oh child)


the morning hue

. . . . . after his to-do

rose up upon

. . . . . you

wafted ewe

. . . . . milk past-due

down wind

. . . . . mild-ew


last nights Dreams

rolled in like mountain Clouds

heard that Witch wail

echoing deep within a cave

tolling Weave been longing to hear

The Apology.

spoken silently sideways

felt long lived within your lips

herd out between breathless teeth

spoke it rolled upon your tongue

bitten back snorts trampling down

kissed the coinage hand to mouth

cloven hooves dug deep for moss and lichen

suckling upon the musky earth

mind deep within the longest vein

struck gold and cached it forth

sacrificed the lambs breath bonds

bilt around the core

voiced and breathing energy

felt the basest one release


Each morning

I wake

Finding myself


An Illusion

Feeling around

For some


To gently

Cozy up to


To fall


Oh Mm

Into dreams

I’ve had


J. D. Carlston

Human hacking the boundaries of experience. Creatrix in the Matrix wending wyrd. Twitter:@jdcarlston, IG:@r0zm4ddr, (they)

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