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  • Fran Iglesias

    Fran Iglesias

    I’m a software developer who likes testing, refactoring and application architecture.

  • John Halcyon Styn

    John Halcyon Styn

    Life Artist. Pink Evangelist. Love Ambassador.

  • KSHernandez


    I’m an ordinary woman, and #survivor #writing—existing in an extraordinary world. Fuck them lanes. #WEOC #BotBEditor introvert #POMpoet #TBIN #Poetry #Memoirs

  • Jamie Wheal

    Jamie Wheal

    Founder & Executive Director, Flow Genome Project (flowgenomeproject.com). Author of Stealing Fire.

  • Melissa Kalt, MD

    Melissa Kalt, MD

    Solver of Unsolvable Problems/ Master Healer/ Physician/ Antifragile Narcissist Survival Expert/ Author/ Mother of 5. https://medium.com/@MelissaKalt/membership

  • umair haque

    umair haque


  • Otto Scharmer

    Otto Scharmer

    Senior Lecturer, MIT. Co-founder, Presencing Institute. www.ottoscharmer.com

  • Chad Fowler

    Chad Fowler

    I help startups succeed. CTO, speaker, author, investor — currently @microsoft @blueyard

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